This is Ask The Experts with Westisle Heating and Cooling

What about homes with Electric baseboard heat, how can we save money on heating costs?

With electric heat for every dollar you spend you get one dollar of heat, with a heat pump for every dollar you spend you get about 5 dollars in heat

What if my home doesn’t have ductwork or air vents, how does that work?

For homes without ducting, heat pumps are also available in a ductless version called a mini split heat pump…A Energy Star Ductless Heat Pump can cut your heating costs in half

What does a ductless heat pump cost?

They are not as expensive as people think, with the rising cost of heating they can pay for themselves in just a couple of years…and your home will be more warm & comfortable.

…of course every home is different, so we do free in home estimates to determine exactly what works best for your home… and…. there’s also a new BC Hydro power smart financing program that can help!

When is the right time to consider upgrading your heating system Tonie?

60% of your homes energy usage goes towards heating your home, if you have an older inefficient heating system you could save money by installing better equipment

What is the “typical” savings one could expect?

Each home and family are unique, but may customers see about a 40% savings when they upgrade to a newer hi efficient system….and they improve their overall comfort.

That’s a very significant number. 40%!

It is…of course every home is different, so we do a free in home estimates to determine exactly what works best for you and your home.

I haven’t done Maintenance on my heating system in 2 years and everything seems fine, really how often should it be done?

Your heating system is just like your car, there are working parts that need to be inspected, tighten, lubricated…


There’s Heat Exchangers & Coils that need to be cleaned, Electrical components that need to be tightened to ensure they don’t fail.

Well, that makes sense.

And you should check your filter every six months and have a professional service your heating system once a year… proper maintenance will lead to fewer repairs, lower your utility bills and extend the life of your equipment.

What is the most efficient way to heat my home Tonie?

Our milder wet climate make Heat pumps one of the most efficient and cost effective ways to reduce your energy consumptions…for every dollar spend you getting almost $5 dollar’s worth of heat

That is amazing savings!

Most homeowners with Heat Pumps pay about $450 dollars a year to heat and cool their homes, some even less

What does a Heat Pump cost?

Every home is different, so we do free in home estimates to determine exactly what size works best for your home

What are things to consider in regards to our heating systems?

Almost everyone thinks about their heating costs, I know I do…but people are also asking what impact their heating system has on our environment.

You mean like the difference between natural gas, oil or electricity?

Sure, every home can be retrofitted to a hi efficient environmental friendly heating system….mostly everyone what’s to do what they can, they just aren’t always aware of what choices they have.

So, there are options for everyone

Yes, there are electric heat pumps that can be retrofitted to any home that will reduce your energy consumption drastically.  Every home is different, so we do free in home estimates to determine exactly what works best for you and your home

A gas furnace about 10 years old, how efficient would you say that would be?

If your furnace is older it is likely inefficient, maybe 60-70% efficient… that means 70% of the fuel you purchase heats your home, and the other 30% goes out the chimney.

So, your saying 30%  is lost?

Yes, by upgrading to a 98% hi efficient Furnace you will ensure 98% of that energy goes into heating your home which will drastically reduce your heating costs.

What is the investment to upgrade?

Every home is different, so we do free in home estimates to determine exactly what works best for your home. Upgrading your heating system can pay for itself in a few short years and after than it’s pure savings for you.

We think about heating and cooling our homes…..what about the local offices and business

Westisle has a TLC maintenance program for your home and for where you work, we ensure commercial buildings can rely on their roof top units, coolers, and other equipment critical to their business success.

So you have 24 / 7 emergence service, what about on Sunday?

We do, Our techs have the tools and the know-how to keep your equipment running as effecienty as possible and the experience to get it up and running quickly after a failure. Don’t put up with downtime; call us for service, repairs or maintenance.

In the event my furnace for some reason stops heating, what should I do? Problems always seem to happen at the worst time.

It’s important to hire a company that will back their product…..from sales to service the customer needs a company that will maintain their equipment for years to come.   At Westisle we have a TLC Maintenance program to ensure you system is in top working conditioning, a good maintenance will lead to fewer repairs.