Congratulations on the purchase of your new

Ducted Heat Pump System

Things you should know about the operation of your system

  1. You should have been left an operation manual for your thermostat.
    • Please read this thoroughly to understand your settings and fan control. If you were not left a manual please contact us so we can get one to you. If your new thermostat is a Honeywell Vision Pro you will not likely need a manual and there is no longer a printable one available. We are happy to email you a copy if needed.
  2. It’s a good idea to check your filter often until you learn how often it requires cleaning or replacing. Some homes with pets require more filter attention.
  3. You may notice steam rising from the outdoor Heat Pump
    1. Do not be concerned, this is not smoke. This is steam created when the Heat Pump goes through a defrost cycle. Depending on your home & the temperature outside this can be approximately every 30 – 60 minutes of operating time in heating mode.
  4. For the cooling season, we do not recommend setting your thermostat cooling temperature below 20 degrees Celsius / 68 degrees Fahrenheit. For the heating season, we do not recommend setting your thermostat daily operating temperature below 19 degrees Celsius / 66.5 degrees Fahrenheit.
  5. To save energy if the night set back is used PLEASE do not set your temperature more the 2 degrees from your daily operation temperature.
  6. When it’s quite cold outside you may hear the Heat Pump make a bit louder or different noise than you are used to.
    • This is likely the unit going into defrost mode which keeps the unit clear of frost buildup. This normal operation which will last between 2 – 4 minutes.
  7. You may notice water coming from under the Heat Pump
    • This is normal as when your Heat Pump goes into defrost mode the system is defrosting the outdoor coil which melts away any frost build-up.
  8. The outdoor Heat Pump seems to run longer than my old unit.
    • This is because the newer variable speed systems are more efficient, modulating the capacity rather than cycle between full and no capacity which provides a more comfortable space and only uses the energy required to maintain your space. So it may run longer at a lower operating cost.
    • Skip this step if you Do Not have a Variable Speed Compressor with your Ducted Heat Pump System.
  9. If you have installed an Air Purifier or Clean Effects filtration system you may notice a flashing green light
    • This is a normal operation to indicate the system is working correctly.
  10. Annual service is recommended by all manufactures to ensure the longevity of the equipment and  maximum efficiency. The first annual service is critical as we check all the components making sure that nothing has come loose (as the system vibrates when operating) and we check the systems refrigerant pressures to optimize performance. Proof of annual maintenance may be required by the manufacture if any warranty work is required in the future.

Peter was a charm! and we appreciated his care, experience and great skill immensely! We will surely have him come to service our unit a year from now!

We were very pleased with all aspects of the work done – the initial inspection of the old system by Kyle, the replacing of our heat pump system and the changing of the return air duct in the living room. The work done by Millstone Sheet Metal Ltd. and by your technician Dustin was excellent. The limited height of our crawl space added to the difficulty of the task but they persevered and got the job done and left the area in a clean and tidy condition. Westisle technical and office staff continue to give us excellent service.

I appreciated how prompt Westisle was. They phoned quickly with a quote. They found exactly the same unit and the price was under what I had been expecting. They showed up the day promised and the work was done very satisfactorily. I would be happy to recommend them to others.

We also wanted to say how happy we are with everything you have done. Me and Dean were talking the other night and doing the whole,”ok, so who was the best contractor we had to deal with during this house build and who was the worst”. Well, we both agreed Westisle were the best contractor to deal with. Nothing was too much trouble. You guys were always there to help and you always managed to fit us in when we needed you to do something, even on short notice. We are so happy we used your services and would most definitely recommend you to anyone who asks. If you need us for references then we would be happy to do that too.

So a big thank you from both of us 🙂

Exceptional service! Our technician took every precaution with the ongoing virus. Thank you.

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