You have your car serviced every year.  Isn’t your heat pump or furnace just as important? Heat Pump maintenance is very important.

Heating accounts for more than 55% of the energy used in a typical Vancouver Island home.  According to Natural Resources Canada, annual maintenance of your heating system will significantly reduce your heating costs and extend the life of your equipment.

Regular equipment & heat pump maintenance not only ensures the proper function of your heating and cooling equipment but also saves you money on unnecessary repairs.

Since 1989, Westisle Heating & Cooling has been installing and servicing all makes and models of heat pumps and furnaces. We provide heat pump maintenance in Courtenay, Duncan and Nanaimo.

Whether your goal is to save money, protect your family, improve efficiency  or prevent a mid-season breakdown, annual maintenance can help you accomplish your goals and Westisle is here to help.

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Heat Pump Maintenance Chart

Heat pump maintenance is crucial for ensuring optimal performance and longevity of these versatile heating and cooling systems. Regular maintenance of heat pumps helps in identifying and addressing potential issues before they escalate into major problems, thus saving homeowners from costly repairs or premature replacements. By scheduling routine maintenance, Westisle’s HVAC technicians can inspect various components of the heat pump, including the compressor, refrigerant levels, ductwork, filters, and electrical connections, to ensure that everything is functioning efficiently. This proactive approach not only enhances the system’s efficiency but also helps in maximizing its lifespan.

Apart from preventing breakdowns and malfunctions, regular maintenance of heat pumps can significantly improve energy efficiency, leading to reduced utility bills. A well-maintained heat pump operates more effectively, consuming less energy to heat or cool a space, which in turn lowers energy costs and benefits the environment by reducing carbon emissions. Additionally, proper maintenance ensures that the heat pump continues to deliver consistent performance throughout its service life, maintaining a comfortable indoor environment regardless of external weather conditions.