Westistle Energy Saving Tips

  1. Check the filters in your Furnace or Air Handler…..dirty filters will reduce the efficiency of your system as it works harder to move air into your home.
  2. Ensure your heating system has had a yearly Maintenance which will save money on operating costs and ensure you enjoy many years of home comfort.
  3. Install a programmable thermostat if you don’t have one already. Set the times and temperatures to match your schedule.
  4. Keep supply and return air vents clear of objects like furniture. This allows your furnace to operate more efficiently.
  5. Install Energy Star LED Xmas lights when decorating your home this holiday season.
  6. Change the direction of airflow on your ceiling fan. For those cold, winter months, the blades should operate in a clockwise direction, helping to push the warm air from the ceiling down into the room. In the summer, the blades should operate in a counter clockwise direction as a way of creating a nice, gentle wind.
  7. Turn the dam lights off J   LOL
  8. Use your dryer for consecutive loads. The built-up heat means less energy spent
  9. Use energy-saving light bulbs that can last up to ten times longer than a normal bulb and use significantly less energy. A single 20- to 25-watt energy-saving bulb provides as much light as a 100-watt ordinary bulb.
  10. Install motion sensors on external lights.
  11. Use only one bulb for light fittings with more than one light bulb or replace additional bulbs with a lower wattage version.
  12. Bigger isn’t always better. Buy the proper-sized equipment to meet your family’s needs. An oversized A/C unit will waste energy.
  13. Before buying an air conditioning unit or system, find out its energy-efficiency ratio (EER). Calculate the EER by dividing the unit’s cooling capacity (BTUs/hour) by its energy requirement (watts). An EER of 10 or more is very good, and 6 or 7 is fair. Remember to buy the smallest capacity unit or system that will meet your needs.
  14. Leaky air ducts can cause distribution losses of up to 30 per cent.
  15. Remember equipment manufacturers can refuse your warranty claim if you are not having a yearly maintenance, proof of your last year service is required.
  16. That is not smoke you see coming from your heat pump in the winter, its steam!
  17. You can wash your heat pump, it won’t break, just make sure you disconnect the power first.
  18. Using your auxiliary heat uses 3-5 times more power than running your Heat Pump only so do not set back your thermostat more than 2-3°F at night.
  19. Clear grass and vegetation from the base of your Heat Pump.
  20. Do not plant shrubs within 2’ of your heat pump, so your friendly Westisle technician can easily access your unit for service or repairs.
  21. No you do not have to build a roof over your Heat Pump, it is designed to be in the weather.
  22. Clear snow from the top and base of your Heat Pump. This reduces the efficiency of your unit. If needed hot water works great. Do not pry ice from the unit!
  23. Not necessarily an energy tip, but for all you Allergy suffers, With the recent warmer weather comes allergy season. Doctors recommend taking a number of steps:
    • Change, and wash your clothes after being outside to remove the pollen.
    • Wash your bedding frequently, Keep your windows and doors shut to keep pollen outdoors, Keep your lawn cut short, Change your furnace filters frequently.
    • It all comes down to trying to reduce exposure to the things you have sensitivities to
    • The immune system becomes sensitized to certain things around you such as plant pollens, trees and grass, dust or pet dander, sometimes mold, If you come in contact with those allergens, they trigger a reaction that can cause itchy eyes, runny, sneezy nose, itchy throat and problems breathing.

Peter was a charm! and we appreciated his care, experience and great skill immensely! We will surely have him come to service our unit a year from now!

We were very pleased with all aspects of the work done – the initial inspection of the old system by Kyle, the replacing of our heat pump system and the changing of the return air duct in the living room. The work done by Millstone Sheet Metal Ltd. and by your technician Dustin was excellent. The limited height of our crawl space added to the difficulty of the task but they persevered and got the job done and left the area in a clean and tidy condition. Westisle technical and office staff continue to give us excellent service.

I appreciated how prompt Westisle was. They phoned quickly with a quote. They found exactly the same unit and the price was under what I had been expecting. They showed up the day promised and the work was done very satisfactorily. I would be happy to recommend them to others.

We also wanted to say how happy we are with everything you have done. Me and Dean were talking the other night and doing the whole,”ok, so who was the best contractor we had to deal with during this house build and who was the worst”. Well, we both agreed Westisle were the best contractor to deal with. Nothing was too much trouble. You guys were always there to help and you always managed to fit us in when we needed you to do something, even on short notice. We are so happy we used your services and would most definitely recommend you to anyone who asks. If you need us for references then we would be happy to do that too.

So a big thank you from both of us 🙂

Exceptional service! Our technician took every precaution with the ongoing virus. Thank you.

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